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“Janiece Jaffe is an incredible singer. No I mean REALLY INCREDIBLE!  She combines outstanding vocal technique with a solid awareness of the tradition of the great jazz vocalists.  Yet she is uniquely herself.  She has a very wide range of expression. Technically, she can dazzle you with her creativity and her unerring accuracy.  She takes chances but is always in control.  Her high range exhibits an exquisite restraint.  She is both ‘hip’ and intelligent.  She is both exhilarating and intimate.  She has both humor and elegance.  She is both pixie and queen.  Janiece is rare!  To hear her is a privilege.”

Dr. Bill Daily  University of North Carolina at Charlottesville

At present, Janiece is known to perform locally in Bloomington, Indiana, regionally in the Mid West, and nationally with various bands.

Recently, Janiece is in a collaborative band with David Gulyas and Dave Brukur in daVida. This group is noted for their innovative arrangements of jazz standards and original music within a dynamic improvisational context.

Another one of her favorite collaborations is with Curtis Cantwell Jackson (guitar, voice) and Michael Beck (percussionist) in the The Heartfelt Trio. The core repertoire of this group comes from 70's Pop, Jazz, Reggae, and original songs. The group's appeal lies within the harmonies and melodies of Curtis and Janiece's voices tastefully supported by Michael's rhythmical gifts. What occurs is a dynamic musical experience that soothes and nurtures their audiences. For booking of The Heartfelt Trio please visit

Janiece has enjoyed being the primary vocalist for the Stardusters' Big Band, Swing Band, and Blues Band for six years (

She has also performed with Monika Herzig's Women in Jazz (

Janiece has sung with many great musicians under the name of her own group with Dan Sumner, Tyron Cooper, Ron Kadish, Ben Lewis Marcos Cavalcante and more.

Some notable musicians she has sung with are: Freddie Hubbard* Frank Vignola* Keter Betts* Al Cobine* Dominic Spera* Harry Pickens* Janet Lawson
* Buster Williams*  Bob Dorough*

Her voice has taken her
to many places in the world:  Brazil (with Marcos Cavalcante), Japan (with a Tribute to Glenn Miller), Canada (with Rhiannon's Singers) and through the Panama Canal (on Crystal Cruiselines).

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Janiece with Frank Vignola:
Janiece and Curtis Cantwell Jackson

Curtis and Janiece Photo by Lisa Walker

Janiece, David Gulyas (guitar) Dave Bruker (bass)
photo by David Lauer

banner photo: Vince Laine
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