Standing on the Edge – Janiece Jaffe & Marcos Cavalcante

Original Brazilian pop jazz. Voice, guitar, bass, percussion, trumpet, sax, piano. Great driving music!
You can purchase Standing on the Edge at CD Baby.

Heart's Desire – Janiece Jaffe

“...sensitive, thoughtful when appropriate, swinging like mad when required, and masterful and sympathetic in her approach to lyrics.”  –- David Baker, Professor of Jazz Studies at Indiana University & President of International Association of Jazz Educators

You can purchase Heart's Desire at CD Baby.

It Takes Two -- Janiece Jaffe

You can purchase It Takes Two at CD Baby.

WFHB's Saturday's Child – Janiece Jaffe & Tyron Cooper

Live radio show, voice and guitar...mellow, fun and spontaneous.

You can purchase WFHB's Saturday's Child at CD Baby.


The Lotus and the Rose – Janiece Jaffe

Bowls and vocal toning for meditation and stress relief. Includes Ave Maria with harp on last track.

You can purchase The Lotus and the Rose at CD Baby

Heartones – Janiece Jaffe

Original vocal toning music for soothing your body, mind and spirit. Multi-genre album of New Age, Indie Music, World Music, and Alternative Classical. Enjoy!

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The Atlantean Legacy - Amy Camie and Janiece Jaffe

Inspired melodies evoke the Spiritual Age and ancient world of Atlantis as the energy of compassion, love and transformation are musically expressed through the soul's reflection, capturing the songs, feelings and memories initiated by the book, "The Atlantean Legacy."

You can purchase The Atlantean Legacy at CD Baby

Fire in the Lotus - Janiece Jaffe

What you hear on this album is directly from spirit. This project started in 2008, on my 50th birthday, and rested on the shelf until now. My fascination with Hawaiian language led me to discover that many of the vocal tones have meaning in Hawaiian that resonates with the energy inside the music. I want to thank all my teachers, especially Rhiannon for unlocking the music in me, Kalani Souza for teaching the ways of wisdom, and Kumu Raylene for her heart-led walk on this earth.

You can purchase Fire in the Lotus at CD Baby.


Christmas is Every Day - Curtis Cantwell Jackson & Janiece Jaffe

Original diverse songs describing Christmas from all around the world. This project was conceived, written, and created with BIG LOVE! Even though we come from different religious backgrounds, we both agree that love and faith are the most important ingredients in life. We wish you joy in listening and a Happy Holiday season!

You can purchase Christmas is Every Day at CD Baby.

Songs That Make You Fell This Way - Curtis Cantwell Jackson & Janiece Jaffe

Easy Listening- This magical duo captivates your heart and soul; lifts your spirits, and is guaranteed to keep you listening.

You can purchase Songs That Make You Feel This Way at CD Baby.

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