Bowls and Toning Meditations

I have been working with the bowls for over 14 years now.  The sounds never cease to amaze me.
For a group meditation the participants usually lay on the floor with blankets and pillows.
I call what I do intuitive, improvisational playing and singing.

Here's what some say:

"Celestial sounds, healing my soul, making me whole: Deep conscious energies swirling from the singing bowls."  (Carmela)

"Tripping with Janiece~sounds gives me the nourishment I need to show up as my best self.  This nourishment strengthens the underlying structures that help me use the part of my brain that so easily is drained by modern life.  When I go back in to the world I feel full, enriched, blessed, loved and loving. (Cynthia)

"What brought me to the first Spirit Concert, was an openness to try it out.   It's the joy and thrill of the moment that brings me back for more." (Rhonda)


"Janiece sings not only with sound, but with intention and light.  She is a direct connection to Source. Her voice is a channel which serves to focus one's own attention and potential for healing.  A session with Janiece creates a space where emotional and spiritual release can occur, raising the vibration of both singer and participant." 

Please visit the calendar for meditation times under Bowls and Toning.

*Photo by Joanne Lauterjung Kelly



I am now offering GRATITUDE events: an hour and a half of Bowls, toning, percussion, visuals and guest dancers and musicians in an improvisational context.

Michael Beck~percussionist
Curtis Cantwell Jackson~guitar, percussion, vocals
Gabe Lantz~visuals

Here are some experiences of GRATITUDE:

Janiece--- My husband, Bob, and I enjoyed the sound, dance, and visual celebration this afternoon. Delightful, fun, and relaxing.

I truly felt your gratitude for your gift of playing the crystal bowls, your audience, your Hawaiian teachers, your community you call home, and all those who helped to create GRATITUDE! I love listening to your voice!! Bob said the same thing I did when I heard you sing with the bowls: Your tones are so pure and clear that with his eyes closed sometimes he didn’t know if the sound was coming from you, a bowl, or an instrument. So glad we were able to be a part of this beautiful, blissful, graceful, celebration that flowed as smooth as water and completely took my mind off my holiday blues:)

~Judy Ochs

A wide open-hearted THANK YOU to Janiece Jaffe for this afternoon's Gratitude gathering at BCT! Sprawling and cuddling on the floor amidst all the community, love and artistic gifts was soooo wonderful. And Michael Beck, the percussionist - WOW! Kept waiting to see what else he had up his sleeve :) Lots of talent, lots of love all the way around. Namaste, Janiece.

~Lisalea Latva

My God, that was blissful. Filled with grace and from within the waters of tranquility. The love filled me with beauty and hope. Hope for mankind, especially those of us in Bloomington. The concert rocked!

Peace, sister!

~Barb Lantz

Soulful, beautiful, and energizing.

~Gale Gayer Hale

I am always amazed and delighted by Janiece's talent! I also enjoyed everyone else who played with her tonight as well. What a fabulous treasure trove of gifted people we have here in Bloomington! 

~Paula Bates

My Dear, Dear Angel of Unquantifyable Beauty! Oh WOWzers!! What miracles of excessive Love and Loveliness flow so wonderfully from your heart and Spirit, and of course (!!!!), the angelic realms. Your talent, your presence, and your healing intention are mega abundant. Thank you, my dear SisStar for being such a bright and enduring light in my life. Overflowing Yumminess for YOU! ... Love, me

~Syndee Eartheart


Came back from 'Gratitude'!!! Amazing...inspiring, reenergizing, magical!!! Thank you so much Janiece Jaffe!!! And it was fabulous to see you and Curtis Cantwell Jackson!!! Thank you so, so much!!!

~ Alfredo Minnetti



I'm still 'high' from your Gratitude Concert on Sunday... wow woman, you really closed the Thanksgiving holiday with a serene and mindful performance... Namaste

~Mary Norman



That was some GOOD VIBRATION!!! Thank you for being YOU Janiece.....

~Geri Cowell



Thanks Janiece, it was a very positive and empowering event. There is no place I would have rather been, it was wonderful!

~Mark Saunders



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